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Why does my dog.....? Is it normal when.....? What is the best way to deal with ....?

All dog parents have questions - not just when you have a puppy, but throughout their life.  EduCanine has your most commonly asked questions covered through courses, workshops and webinars

Get Answers to YOUR Questions

Whether you take an online course, an in-person workshop or a live webinar, every person will recieve direct contact with professional, certified trainers to get the answers to  questions that are specific to your pup.



Canine as a Seccond Language


Our dogs "talk" constantly through body language.  This online course will give you insight and knowledge as to how they "tell" us when they are stressed, anxious, happy and unsure.  This is a must for anyone who has contact with dogs - you will be surprised at what you learn!  



Dealing with Reactivity


Why is your dog reactive?  How can you help your dog?  How can you mange situations?  This four-hour seminar will cover body language, triggers, management and counter conditioning to help you understand reactivity in every day life with hands on activities to help with timing and dealing with every day situations.

IN PERSON (human only)

Saturday February 23rd 10am to 3pm


62 Geary Ave.


Confidence Building


How can you tell when a dog lacks confidence?   What are common situations that tend to make dogs feel insecure?  Where does a lack of confidence stem from?  Get answers to these questions as well as confidence boosting exercises in his human only workshop presented by Don Hutton from Running Dogs.

IN PERSON - human only

Saturday April 6th 1pm to 3pm


62 Geary Ave.


Canine Massage Class


Massages decrease stress, support healthy bodies and provide an overall sense of well being – even in dogs!  Learning to properly massage your dog, learn the signs that they are enjoying it (or not) and notice early signs of pain is a true gift to your dog. Join Bev Spotton, Certified Canine Massage and Tellington T-Touch Practitioner, to learn how YOU can properly massage your dog in the comfort of your own home.

Hosted by Beverly Spotton, Mobile Canine Care

Saturday June 1st from 10am to 12pm

17 Lascelles Blvd.

Attend with your dog - $65 

(limited spaces and dogs must be qualified)

Audit (without your dog) - $40  

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For Bark Sake


Is your dog's barking driving you and your neighbours crazy?  Have you already received complaints?  This in-person workshop will delve into why your dog is barking and what you can do about it.   You will learn types of barks, start identifying the root causes of your dog's barking, management and training tips to keep the peace between you, your neighbours and your pup.

Hosted by Andrea Dinan, City Dogs

Monday May 27th 7pm to 9pm

17 Lascelles Blvd.

Human only event  - $60

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Canine Stess and Axiety


This two hour workshop focuses on recognizing symptoms of fear and anxiety, possible causes and a basic outline on how to help your dog overcome the issues. This seminar will cover identifying triggers, management, possible health issues that can exacerbate and build anxiety, where to start and how to build a plan.

IN PERSON (human only)

Saturday April 6th 10am to 12pm

62 Geary Ave




Advanced Body Language


You know the basics - whale eye, submissive grin, head turning and lip licking and many more.  This course will go beyond the basics and identify subtle body langue cues that signify stress, reactivity, fear and over arousal to help you avoid unwanted behaviors and situations - the results will be eye opening!

ONLINE - Start Anytime

Introductory Price - $75





Just when you think you are over puppydom, a new stage emerges that comes with it's own unique challenges.  This webinar will explain what to expect, how to handle common  behaviours and will answer your specific questions in a 40-minute open Q&A session.

Sunday March 31st 10am to 12pm - $45



Ahh puppies, so cute, so endearing and so much work!   Whether you are planning on getting a pup or in the throws of puppydom, this webinar will put you and our pup on the right track for success.Learn about normal puppy stages and behavior, then join in a truly interactive Q & A session to get your personal questions answered.

TBA - Spring 2019 - $45

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