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All dog parents have questions - not just when you have a puppy, but throughout their life.  EduCanine has your most commonly asked questions covered through courses, workshops and webinars

Get Answers to YOUR Questions

Whether you take an online course, an in-person workshop or a live webinar, every person will recieve direct contact with professional, certified trainers to get the answers to  questions that are specific to your pup.



Body Language In Person


Dog owners and dog professionals alike will enjoy this extremely useful and engaging in -person workshop.  Attendees will learn the main points from the Canine as a Second Language and Advanced Canine Communication courses and apply them to real life examples.  Learn how dogs use their bodies to communicate and then apply this body language while observing a group of dogs interact.

Early 2020

$120 (includes access to both online courses)


Instructor: Andrea Dinan from City Dogs

Dealing with Reactivity


Why is your dog reactive?  How can you help your dog?  How can you mange situations?  This four-hour seminar will cover body language, triggers, management and counter conditioning to help you manage your reactive dog.  Build your confidence with hands on activities to practice timing, coordination and dealing with every day situations.  You will actually look forward to see a dog, skateboard, bus, squirrel, person or whatever affects your dog after this workshop.

IN PERSON (human only)

Saturday September 21st 10am to 3pm


Chuck's Mutts     1362 Bathurst St.

Instructor: Maggi Burtt from Tailspin Petworx

Rescue Confidence Building


Rescues often need time to adjust to their new life and new surroundings.  They have had quite the adventure getting to you and need support and time.

This workshop will answer questions such as: How can you help your rescue if they seem timid or fearful?  How can you make this strange place less scary? How do you know if your dog is fearful?  

In addition, Don will provide you with quite a few techniques and tools to help you and your dog form a strong bond, increase confidence and have a lot of fun a the same time.

IN PERSON - human only

Date TBA


Zen Dog    584 Church St.

Instructor:  Don Hutton from Running Dogs Behavior and Training

Can't Touch This?


Cooperative Care for Vet and Grooming Visits

Do you (and your dog) dread going to the vet or the groomer?  Do you find the visits take longer because your dog is wiggly, stressed or even snappy?

There are management protocols and skills that you can teach your dog to make visits a lot more pleasant (for both of you)brushing, needles, nail trimming and bathing a lot more pleasant for you, your dog and the person performing the service.  This hands-on workshop will provide you with many tools that you can start using with your dog right away.  Happy vet and grooming visits are only a workshop away!

IN PERSON (human only)

Saturday November 16th  10am to 12pm


Zen Dog     584 Church St.

Instructor:  Daniel Josselyn from Golden Rule Training and Behavior


Puppy Solutions


Your puppy survival guide.

Puppies are so cute, so endearing and so much work!   Whether you are planning on getting a pup or in the throws of puppydom, this webinar will put you and our pup on the right track for success.  

Learn practical tips and techniques to assist with biting, socialization, housetraining and puppy play that you can use right away.

Then join in a truly interactive Q & A session to get your personal questions answered.  

Presented by Maggi Burtt from Tailspin Petworx

Sunday September 29th  10am to 12pm


Four on the Floor!


Why your dog jumps and how to stop it.

It's a rainy day, and your dog is super excited to see that business woman walking by. "So sorry about the muddy paws!" 

Grandma Mabel, who is 80 pounds, may not do so well with your 120-pound dog jumping to say hello. 

Your dog just can't control himself when the pizza delivery guy shows up, and oops, there goes your pizza! 

If these scenarios sound familiar, don't fret! Jumping is a common, natural but embarrassing issue. Learn why YOUR dog jumps by sending in details about your pup and even videos that Emily can address to provide specialized techniques tailored to YOUR dog to keep four on the floor.

Presented by Emily Tronetti from Heal to Howl

Tuesday October 1st  7:00pm to 8:30pm EST / 4:00pm to 5:30pm PST


Surf's Up!


What to do about your dog's counter surfing.

There's a whole bunch of really yummy treats coming to counters everywhere in the next couple of months; Halloween candy, stuffing, pumpkin pie, turkey, oh my! 

Not only would you miss out on some of these goodies yourself, but it may mean a trip to the vet.

Get prepared for these extra special food events with techniques on how to train your dog to avert from stealthy stealing of holiday food items.  Send photos or videos of YOUR set up so that Emily can provide tailor-made solutions!

Presented by Emily Tronetti from Heal to Howl

Tuesday October 22nd 7pm to 8:30pm EST / 4pm to 5:30pm PST


Pretty Please?


Holiday Edition:  Table Begging

Dreaming of a dog who doesn't beg at the table during the holiday seasons? Impress your guests, whether at home or at Aunt Betty's house, as your pup patiently waits for everyone to finish their dinner AWAY from the table.

Learn techniques that you can employ right away to set your pup up for success this holiday season.  Send in details and even videos of YOUR situation so that Emily can provide tips and tricks specific to YOUR dog and situation.

Presented by Emily Tronetti from Heal to Howl

Tuesday November 19th from 7pm to 8:30pm EST / 4pm to 5:30pm PST


Canine as a Second Language - Basic Body Language


Our dogs "talk" constantly through body language.  This online course will give you insight and knowledge as to how they "tell" us when they are stressed, anxious, happy and unsure.  Knowing the subtle language of dogs can avoid bites and fights.  This is a must for anyone who has contact with dogs - you will be surprised at what you learn!  



Advanced Body Language


You know the basics - whale eye, submissive grin, head turning and lip licking and many more.  This course will go beyond the basics and identify subtle body langue cues that signify stress, reactivity, fear and over arousal to help you avoid unwanted behaviors and situations - the results will be eye opening!

ONLINE - Start Anytime

Introductory Price - $75