Education for dog Walkers

Dealing with Reactivity


Why is your dog reactive?  How can you help your dog?  How can you mange situations?  This four-hour seminar will cover body language, triggers, management and counter conditioning to help you understand reactivity in every day life with hands on activities to help with timing and dealing with every day situations.

IN PERSON (human only)

Saturday September 21st 10am to 3pm


62 Geary Ave.


Body Language in Person


Dog owners and dog professionals alike will enjoy this extremely useful and engaging in -person workshop.  Attendees will learn the main points from the Canine as a Second Language and Advanced Canine Communication courses and apply them to real life examples.  Learn how dogs use their bodies to communicate and then apply this body language while observing a group of dogs interact.

July 7th 10am to 2pm

$120 (includes access to both online courses)

62 Geary Ave.


Over Arousal in Off Leash Areas


There are dogs that bulldoze into an off leash park and stir up some trouble.  There are dogs that seem like they are having a great time and then turn into Cujo.  This course will identify the difference between balance and over aroused play, strategies to assure an engaged group, and evaluating whether a dog is a good fit for your group and for an off leash park.


Instructor - Beverley McKee



Ready, Set, PARK!


Zoomies, crazy play, growling, snapping, humping - it's never a dull day in the off leash park.  Oh, and good luck getting your dog to leave this place of debauchery.  This workshop will give you all you need for you and your dog to be calm and confident during your visit.  You will learn the best techniques to start the visit off right, maintain appropriate play and focus during the visit and leave without a struggle.   All the dogs (and their owners) at the park will thank you for taking this workshop!

Format - In Person

Saturday July 27th 10am to 12pm

62 Geary Ave

Instructor - Erin Britton



Dog Walking Mentorship


Dog walking companies  - looking for a way to train new walkers but don't have time or staff to set up a training program?  New walkers - looking to get experience before starting on your own?  The Dog Walking Mentorship is a practical course where new walkers shadow experienced walkers - arranged by EduCanine -  for a 20-hour period.  Mentees will have specific tasks and observations to complete during each session and are provided written evaluations by their mentor.  

Format - IN PERSON

Introductory Price - $199


Accounting for CDWs


Susan, experienced in dealing with dog walking accounting issues will be presenting information on getting the most out of your return, what you can claim, charging taxes, and answer your specific tax questions during this  workshop.




Caring for Special Needs and Seniors


This webinar will discuss how pet professionals can assist dogs who need physical, mental and/or emotional special care due to old age or medical issues. Learn how to modify your visits, enrich dogs' lives and how to best support dogs and clients during a difficult time.




Advanced Body Language


You know the basics - whale eye, submissive grin, head turning and lip licking and many more.  This course will go beyond the basics and identify subtle body langue cues that signify stress, reactivity, fear and over arousal to help you avoid unwanted behaviors and situations - the results will be eye opening!

ONLINE - Start Anytime

Introductory Price - $75


Canine as a Second Language - Basic Body Language


When is a tail wag not a happy one?  Is there a way to predict when a fight is about to happen?  Does your dog really enjoy being hugged?  Learn subtle signs that dogs are constantly providing us to help understand how they are feeling and what they are trying to communicate.  You will never look at dogs the same after this course!


Instructor - Andrea Dinan



Rescue Confidence Building


Rescues often need time to adjust to their new life and new surroundings.  How can you help your rescue if they seem timid or fearful?  How can you make this strange place less scary? How do you know if your dog is fearful?  Get answers to these questions as well as confidence boosting exercises in his human only workshop presented by Don Hutton from Running Dogs.

IN PERSON - human only

Wednesday August 21st 7pm to 9pm


Zen Dog - 584 Church St.


Five Star Boarding


Liz from Woofs Upon a Walk will be providing best practices on how to assure a safe, clean and successful boarding experience for you and all dogs in your house.  Topics include properly vetting dogs, house set up, safe introductions, enrichment activities and more!

Available On Demand August 1st 



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