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Humans and Their Dogs

Google is good but EduCanine is better.  Get specific answers to your most searched canine queries.

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Dog Walkers

Courses designed FOR dog walkers BY dog walkers about specific topics to make your job easier

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Education Designed by Professionals

EduCanine courses and workshops are created by dog professionals who are out in the field working with dogs on a daily basis.  Courses and workshops are practical and provide real-life applications.

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Specific, Affordable and Convenient

Courses and workshops offered through EduCanine are very specific allowing for quality education in a short amount of time.  And, many can be done right in the comfort of your own home.

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Want to Get Involved or Have an Idea?

Have an idea for a course?  Do you have expertise in a certain area that you would like to pass on to other dog enthusiasts?  EduCanine is always looking to grow the team.  Contact us today to receive the Course/Workshop Recommendation Application.

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